Sunday, August 27, 2006

WILD RICE NEWS - Octobor 2005 - Group Photo Sept. 14, 1924

Group picture of 121 children (70 boys and 50 girls) taken September 14, 1924. Ma and Pa Skauge are in the last row middle, and directly down from them -2nd row is Granpa Skauge, also known as "Si Buck" which probably meant "sawbuck". The names of the Skauge children were: Edith, Ludwig, Olivia, Hartvig, Adolph, Ulrick, Nicolai and Dorothy. (Two died: Paul and Nicky). That means that the Skauges who managed the Home, had 10 children.

Lloyd Aronson Kvidt writes he was 7 years old when he went to Wild Rice Lutheran Children's Home in 1923. He had two brothers, Rueben and Milton, and one sister, Esther. His best memory is sliding down hill on cardboard boxes! His worst memory is being knocked down a stairway for a matron" just because I was talking to my sister. Also, I had diphtheria!"

"Yes, my mother cooked at the home where she met and married another worker, John Kvidt in March of 1925. Then we all moved to the farm one mile south of Wild Rice. We had it nice there and still visited with the children at the home. By the way, I saw the Home burn down. Very sad! I went over there the next day and picked up a piece of melted glass which I still have.

I went into carpenter work, and married a girl from Bagley, Minnesota, we had six children. After we divorced in 1973, I married a widow from Marshfield, Wisconsin. We settled down 11 miles north of town on 2 acres, with a house, garage and workshop. I am retired, but do a lot of gardening and work at projects like restoring old cars.

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tmlandreth said...

My granfather and his siblings are in this picture does anyone know them? Alfred Tildahl and his siblings?