Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visiting Twin Valley & Detroit Lakes - Sept. 2008

We went to visit Joe Merhiy at Twin Valley, and he shared with me a list of children from Wild Rice and the dates they were confirmed. Also, stopped to see his sister, Marian Shoemaker, in Detroit Lakes. Northern Minnesota was lovely with all the hues of green, lakes and rivers. Stopped by the Wild Rice River - it was beautiful!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wild Rice Confirmation June 1926

Confirmation Class of 1925, minster is B.L.Opdahl

Some of the children pictured: Middle row of boys, 2nd boy from left is Albert Nordquist, 3rd boy Joe Merhiy, 4th boy James Hearn, 5th boy is Clarence Amudson. Martha Larsen (front row, black stockings) and Martha Krebs girl at the far right. Top row, 3rd boy from right, is Johnnie Jenson. Middle row, 3rd boy from right is Charles Turner. Others were: Pete Sorenson, Ester Nordquist, Melvin Runine, Evelyn Hamre, Hilda Ikel, Amanda Skjegstad, Edelyn Pederson, Lewis Gunderson, Milton Erikson, Chester Chapen, Ross Grantbon, Stella Olson, Alice Langseth, Dagny Gunderson,Myrtle Tildal, Melvin Berg, and Milton Rodlen.