Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In Honor of Selma Maudal Hamilton

The last name, Maudal, is a farm name in Norway.

The Maudal children's father, Karl Elias Mauritssen (b. 12-22-1870 in Ovre Maudal, Gjesdahl parish, Rogaland County, Norway) was the son of Maurtis Rasmusson (b. 3-15-1835) and Sara Teoline Olsdatter (b. 1837 in Stuhaug farm, Bakke in Sirdal, Norway). He emigrated from Norway in 1900, and married Mary Olson, also born in Norway, in 1912 in Iowa.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

In Memory of Marjorie A. Westmark (1920-2005)

New Pictures of Wild Rice Lutheran Children's Home, Twin Valley, MN

I've had to stop writing the newsletter. However, I am publishing here two undated photographs (probably 1917-1920 time frame) sent to me by Olger Ronnie's grandson, Ritchie.

The first shows the boys and girls roasting hot dogs on sticks, and eating hamburgers at picnic at Wild Rice.

The second shows a group of children gathered on the grass.

Ruth Johnson's daugther, Jan, provided the photographs of the original buildings; and construction of building additions.