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WILD RICE NEWS - December 2005 - Christmas Memories

Photos: Lake Park Confirmation Class - May 3, 1931, Ruth Johnson, Lillian Polliquin, Marian Merhiy, Annie Hilde, Ruth Anneson, Olga Olson, Bob and Philip Donahue. August 1969 - Joe, Ali, Smylie and Marian Merhiy. 1932 - Joe, Evelyn, Smylie, Marian and Ali Merhiy with Melvin Maudal.

(1930) - by J.R. Orvedahl: "Finally the hour had come, Christmas festivities began with a bountiful dinner, served at 6:00 o'clock in the dining room. Most of the "goodies" were donated by kind friends. The room was decorated with the Christmas colors. The eighteen candle scones on the walls and two candle holders on each table, made by the boys in manual training, furnished the illumination during the signing and devotional.

After the dinner, all gather in the school rooms, where their eyes beheld the beautifully lighted Christmas tree, almost buried with gifts. There were toys of every description: dolls with bright eyes and outstretched arms, automobiles, trucks, sleds and skis. The children's part of the program consisted of songs, drills and scripture readings.

(1918 - Carl Narveson) "At the end of the schoolroom, on the north and south sides, were two big Christmas trees...decorated with popcorn strings, baubles such as bells, shells, trumpets, angels and live candles. By each tree was a very large pail of water with wet mop to extinguish fire if that happened." ..."This whole program was in Norwegian...first we sang songs, beginning with "Glade Jul, Deilige" and "Et Barn Er Fodt I Betlehem." Then came recitation time for the children.....Christmas Day we had a real Norwegian dinner....lutefisk, lefse with butter, meat balls with gravy, Christmas bread, cookies, cake and fruit soup."

(From October on, Pa Skauge and his helpers made lists of the children and sent them to the Laides Aids of the various congregations of Den Norske Lutheran Kirke. The ladies would get busy preparing shirts, stockings, dresses, toys, books and whatever might strike their fancy.........the scene on Christmas was awe-inspiring for us children).

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