Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Joe Merhiy 1910 - 2009

Joe passed away on Saturday, April 18, 2009.
He brought a lot of happiness into our lives. He kept records for Wild Rice Lutheran Children's Home, and he was always happy to help .
(pictures: Selma Maudal Hamilton and Joe Merhiy)

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Josh's Mom said...

I had the pleasure of knowing Joe for several years. He was in the Children's home with my Dad and Aunt: Selmer and Sophie (Judy) Hilstad. We visited Joe many times at his garage. We loved his sense of humor. I was sorry to hear of his passing. Unfortunately, my Dad, Selmer passed away in 1989 and my Aunt Judy just passed away 11-6-10. She was 94 and it was time, but will be missed forever. Thank you. Wilma Lee